Augmented Reality Fashion Show "PORTAL"

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PORTAL BY JOSEPH is an AR runway that enables people to preview new JOSEPH items individually, and as part of their complete ensemble. All customers need to do is to point a store-provided iPad at a poster in JOSEPH to begin the experience.


Fashion models, who are rendered in 3D from 153 images taken simultaneously from different angles, appear wearing 15 types of ensembles selected from JOSEPH’s 2019 a/w collection.

Through the Portal experience, people can learn JOSEPH’s brand philosophy and find new clothes and complete attires while enjoying the immersive, inspirational show powered by AR technology.

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You can add your favourite items to a “SAVED” list and bring the list home by scanning a given QR code provided at the end of the show. If some items are not available at the stores, you can purchase items you’ve saved online.

The prototype of PORTAL was nominated as a finalist of the Auggie Awards, the world’s most prestigious AR & VR conference. The conference also recognized and awarded major AR technology companies from the U.S., such as Snapchat and Magic Leap. PORTAL became the first-ever nominated AR app developed by a Japanese software development company.

■ The Project context

The recent development of fashion e-commerce transformed the role of retail stores from a place where people simply purchase clothes into a place where they experience something.

After contemplating the future of in-store customer experiences, MESON has concluded three terms that represent our future experience: Inspire, Learn, and Interact.

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The AR fashion runway was developed to offer a rich in-store experience combining these three ideas. AR technology, which creates immersive experiences, enables customization of the in-store experience by leveraging one’s brand, its location, and seasonal themes.

With PORTAL as its flagship example, MESON is hoping to transform the nature of retail stores from a place where people simply purchase clothes into a place where people ‘experience’ a brand.

■ Place

[JOSEPH GINZA SIX] ・August 23rd to September 23rd (10:30〜20:30)

[JOSEPH Tokyo Midtown] ・August 23rd to September 16th (11:00〜21:00)


■ Promotion Video

Now showing

Creative Direction



Artist、Creative Director、Art Director、Leica Photographer、Fashion Designer、Stylist、Interior Designer、UI Designer、Graphic Designer、Consultant、Writer、Astrologer, and more.

Mami Osada and Keita Osada go beyond genres and pursue the creation of the world that is full of inspiration. They say, “the world we want to create is full of sensitivity of beauty, and full of life happiness -- in short, a beautifully splendid world.” Mami Osada and Keita Osada are in charge of creative direction of the PORTAL project.

Under the direction of Kent Kajitani, founder of MESON, and Keita Osada, the AR world transcending time and space was born. In search of the art of a fashion show, they combined fashion with AR to open a new frontier for fashion.

■ Contact


If you are interested, we are welcome to get interviewed about this project. Please make contact with us through email. You can find the media kit at the link below. It contains the related images and video materials and the document about the production process of PORTAL.

MESON is engaged in a studio business that uses AR/VR and other experience-enhancing technologies to create services with partners. Please feel free to contact us.

■ Company

・MESON ,inc

・Founder: CEO Kent Kajitani

・About: AR/VR service planning and development, service design growth and consulting

・Address: Shoto 1 -29 -11 Shoto 1 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0046 Building B Building 2F

・Founded: September 2017


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