MESON is an XR Creative Company. We build and deliver services for augmenting human experiences.

Areas We Focus on

Stone, electricity, computer. Humanity augments possibilities and choices by inventing and combining technologies. MESON augments human experiences through driving the dynamics of XR, Metaverse, and Web3 technologies.
Our structure is unique. MESON’s XR Creative Studio
has its own development framework “GAUGUIN
.” This framework has enabled the agile development workflow and created the UX design-focused work environment. With GAUGUIN, we deliver highly functional XR creative works
. MESON goes with the principle of exploration of humanity and knowledge. We believe in the power of imagination, share narratives through messages and articles
, and cultivate empathy among society, with a multidisciplinary team
of experimentalists.

XR Creative

XR Creative Studio covers a wide range of business domains, such as new business and service development, communication design, and UX design for digital production. We provide comprehensive support from service planning to design, development, and growth.

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GAUGUIN is MESON’s Own XR Development Framework Designed to Accelerate the Scalability of XR Projects.


GAUGUIN has a variety of functional components developed through actual projects and creates the ideal workspace for UX design of XR by allowing developers to build the basic system of their applications. Its one-source responsibility for XR devices enables cross-platform XR development, and its CMS and use-case templates expand the scalability of XR experiences. It’s time to have the advanced development environment for your XR projects.


Insights, News Releases, and Contents in MESON’s Owned Media.

Our Team

Respect for Diversity, Uniqueness, and Creativity. With These Values, We MESON Explore the Next Frontier of Human Experiences. Each Talent of Our Multidisciplinary Team Plays a Role in Their Specialized Field and Cross-collaborate on Challenging Projects.

MESON is an XR Creative Company. We augment human experiences with the combination of XR, Metaverse, and Web3 technologies.

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