MESON is an XR Creative Company. We build and deliver services for augmenting human experiences.

Areas We Focus On

Stone, electricity, computer. Humanity augments possibilities and choices via inventing and combining these technologies. MESON augments human experiences through driving the dynamics of XR, Metaverse, and Web3 technologies.

Areas We Focus On illustrationAreas We Focus On illustration

Our structure is unique.XR Creative Studio applies a unique XR development framework GAUGUIN to accomplish every project at scale and speed, and leverage UX designing process, so we launch creative and high performance works.MESON has an experimental culture that values on exploring new thoughts and imaging new things. With a multidisciplinary team, we create experiences that feel natural and pleasant.

XR Creative

XR Creative Studio delivers a wide range of scope, from new business and service creation, digital experience construction to communication design. We provide comprehensive support from planning to design, development, and growth.

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    Our R&D team is dedicated to technical research and use-case planning in the fields of XR and its related domains, such as Metaverse and Web3. We search for undiscovered business opportunities with our partners.

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    Our solution covers from service planning and application development to setting a long-term business roadmap to profitable growth.

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    Through the delivery of spatial design, installation, and immersive experience, we contribute to the generation of relationships with customers and society.

Own Product


GAUGUIN is MESON’s own XR development framework designed to accelerate the scalability of XR projects. GAUGUIN has a variety of functional components that are developed through our experiences, which create the ideal workspace for UX design of XR experiences. Its one-source responsibility across XR devices enables multiplatform XR development, and its CMS and use-case templates expand the scalability of XR experiences. It’s time to have the best environment of your XR projects.