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Shape Your Vision
into a Reality

Shape Your
Vision into
a Reality

MESON offers end-to-end capabilities for all stages of spatial computing with growing spatial engineering system of ready-to-go components with powerful AI features, and wide-spectrum expert teams. Visionary companies trust us to design, build, and scale their spatial computing solutions.

Join the Revolution 🚀

Never Seen → Ever Seen.
Welcome the Movement
of the Century.

Never Seen
→ Ever Seen.
Welcome the Movement of the Century.

How are top companies staying ahead? It's spatial computing. The tech revolutionizing the entire consumer market.

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    From Hand to Sight

    From Hand
    to Sight

    Spatial Computing seamlessly blend the virtual and tangible realms, leading to remarkably comfortable and limitless digital use cases.

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    Everyday Computing

    Spatial computing will be your (and your users’) lifelong companion, mind-blowing experiences that will soon be everyday experiences.

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    New Market Leader

    Spatial computing is taking over every sector - from retail, work, to social. Don’t miss out on this dawn of exciting business opportunities.

Your Spatial Computing Partner 🤝

Make the Next Big Thing.
Make it Happen with MESON.

Make the Next Big Thing. Make it Happen with MESON.

We work with partners across all sectors to spread spatial computing worldwide. From prototyping to scaling businesses.

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    From beta to Big Success ✅️

    From beta to
    Big Success ✅️

    The Launch is Just the Beginning.

    The Launch is
    Just the Beginning.

    We know that launching a new product is only the start of the journey. So we make sure you have everything you need to dominate the market for years to come.

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    Computing is Our Lifeblood 😎

    Computing is
    Our Lifeblood 😎

    Our 20+ Success Stories

    Our 20+
    Success Stories

    Over 1,000 collective hours of expertise in spatial computing. Our framework empowers partners to bring outstanding spatial products to market.

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    Unified Innovations 🤖

    AI’s Best Partner

    Spatial experience and AI values join forces to shape tomorrow’s products propelling product evolutions that shape the future.

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    Blazingly Fast 🧑‍💻️

    Spatial Engineering at Scale

    Spatial Engineering
    at Scale

    Supercharge prototyping and launch a sought-after user experience. Our ready-to-go components build spatial products in record time.

Partners Voice 💬

It's been a pleasure partnering with MESON since before we officially launched our products in Japan, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration across various fronts. Here's to becoming a company that grows and thrives, both nationally and globally.

Joshua Yeo


I believe MESON, with its commitment to technological innovation and user-centered excellence in UI/UX design, is a pioneer in the field of spatial computing. Particularly, driving innovation with HMDs and AR glasses presents new possibilities for the entire industry.

Junji Shiraishi


Spatial computing is not merely a dream. I believe this remarkable startup's results are right around the corner. Being part of this journey is synonymous with creating new dimensions in the digital world, and there's no better time to join the expedition than now.

Takahito Iguchi

Audio Metaverse, Inc.

Creativity, outstanding technical process, and strong problem-solving skills are essential for bringing previously unprecedented concepts to life. As spatial computing becomes more prevalent, we hope to collaborate in solution development and marketing support activities.

Shingo Meguro

Hakuhodo DY Holdings

Our Creativity Knows No Bounds 💫

Our Creativity Knows
No Bounds 💫

Broad-based Team

We bring many perspectives to the table.👀 This is your home of collaboration 📍 where multidisciplinary curiosity 🧭 and experimental spirits 🧪 come together 🤝 to pioneer the future of computing. Our talented team and community drive impact 💥, creating exceptional spatial experiences day after day.💡

All the Experts You Need 🦄

Your Dream Lineup

It takes the best talent to build the best products. From day one, you will have access to our exclusive network and expertise in product design and engineering.

Be Tomorrow’s Creator 🎪

Inspire 1,000+ Talents

ARISE, a spatial computing community, fosters a creative culture rooted in future prototyping, enhancing possibilities for diverse backgrounds and mindsets. We spotlight every single idea and seed of imagination for the future.

Make Contact. Make it Real.

Make Contact.
Make it Real.

Today, your journey into the spatial future begins.
Join us and step into tomorrow.

MESON collaborates with visionary companies to create inspiring spatial computing products across all sectors, diverse array of perspectives and expertise.

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