As part of the cooperative research project with Hakuhodo DY Holdings, we planed and developed an AR Cloud experience called AR City. Using AR Cloud technology, which made it possible to share the same AR experience among multiple people, AR City transforms the exhibition booth into a communication space where people can have a chat and interact with each other. We believe that creating interaction and communication between users is an important piece for increasing the value of user experience of AR. Almost all of our projects since AR City have leveraged the knowledge of AR Cloud technology we accumulated through the AR City project.

  • Challenge of AR Cloud Development

    Without AR cloud technology, the AR space you see and the AR space seen by others are not linked, and each space is closed to itself. Therefore, people cannot communicate on the AR space. It is like a computer without internet connection. AR Cloud is a technology to store and manage digital information linked to real-world locations. With AR Cloud, AR spaces of multiple devices can be synchronized, and everyone can see the same digital objects in the same space. MESON and Hakuhodo DY Holdings aimed to create a use case of AR communication via AR Cloud in the AR City project.

  • Enhancing the value of AR with AR Cloud

    AR City is a collaborative experience of building a virtual city in the AR space. It offers a digital working place where people can collaborate and communicate with friends, family members, and those who they don’t know.
    Through the experience of AR and AR cloud, the people who visited our booth at 078 KOBE had a change to learn the process of city development intuitively and participate in public works virtually.
    By implementing a shared experience functionality of AR cloud technology, we enhanced the value of AR City as a sharable AR experience.

  • Further utilization of AR Cloud

    After the experimentation with AR City, we were convinced that AR cloud technology is an essential functionality of AR to enhance the total value of AR experiences.
    Nearly all of MESON’s projects since AR City have leveraged the latest AR cloud technology, and we have explored the potential of sharable AR experiences with cutting-edge AR cloud technologies.


    Service Planning & Design and Development: Kent Kajitani ・ Yuki Kobayashi ・ Kazuya Hiruma ・ Mathilda ・ Yuki Homma ・ Arisa Ito
    Collaboration in Planning: HAKUHODO DY HOLDINGS - Yosuke Kinoshita ・ Shingo Meguro ・ Kosuke Ushiro ・ Shohei Kurita ・ Ojiro Nagumo ・ Yuichiro Kida ・ Michido Honmaru ・ Yoshitugu Kosaka ・ Keitaro Shimizu ・ Yuki Taniguchi
    Collaboration in Design and DEVELOPMENT: RAWR inc. - You Kamihiro, Takashi Shirae ・ Kitasenju Design ・ OWLS, INC. ・ Tetsuya Sorahiro ・ Sensitive Cube ・ Natsuhito Tanaka ・ Keigo Numakura ・ Kiyotaka Okamoto ・ ambie